Drinking Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis:

The tested and proven technology for the production of desalinated water for useas both drinking water and industrial process water.

CERMOSIS supplies RO plants in different sizes for various types of water such as sea and brackish water and industrial effluent. Special attention has given to our plants by considering economic factors such as chemical consumption, energy recovery, membrane durability and process automation. We will offer you the best solution for drinking water at affordable rate.

CERMOSIS offer drinking water applications using two different technologies:

  • Reverse Osmosis technology
  • Ceramic membrane technology

Drinking Water Treatment

Reverse Osmosis Technology:

Our standard, modular and packaged RO systems are integrated with high quality and performance membrane with high flux ratio. They are designed mainly with pre-treatment systems built in or added on it. It is capable to desalinate water with high TDS to low TDS depending on the selection of membrane and RO systems.

The high salt rejection RO systems suitable for small communities, commercial, light and heavy industries with TDS 100 mg/L.

CERMOSIS also provides domestic drinking water with portable unit of TDS

Ceramic Membrane Technology:

CERMOSIS offer drinking water system with unique methodology called ceramic membrane technology by replacing polymeric membrane with Silica Carbide membrane.

The unique features of Ceramic membrane are:

  • High recovery rate (more than 99% recovery in drinking water due to high flux and low fouling tendency)
  • Highest flux rate
  • Reduced fouling
  • Chemically inert 

Key highlights of Ceramic membrane:

  • 0.1um pore size
  • Active layer filter on the top of the membrane substrate
  • Membrane body substrate with large pore size
  • Outside-in filtration direction
  • Can operate extreme temperature –pH 1-14
  • Fast and easy restoring of permeability 


  • Ground water
  • Brackish or Sea water desalination
  • Removal of metals, silt, micro-organisms and TOC
  • Treatment of backwash water

We are Expertise in Oraganic Waste Converter

We are also providing effective solution for treating and recycling biodegradable waste which converts into biogas or compost.