Container Based Biogas Plant

CERMOSIS can plan the optimum containerised biogas system for your business based on your specifications. How your feed can be utilized to convert into biogas? How much quantities of these substrates are available? How much storage capacity you need to place this container based bio gas plant. CERMOSIS will build & support this process and meet your needs to convert into volumetric renewable energy gas.

Container Based Biogas Plant

NEW Concept- GAS & WATER Recovery

Using novel methodology

Container based biogas reactor design is based on compact and cost efficient container reactors, which are built from prefabricated modules. They require less surface area, enable quick “plug-in” installation and start-up, and are easy to scale up. The process is continuously operated and fully automated.

Anaerobic digestion process based on plug and play flow operation in horizontal container, which is available on 20 ft. and 40 ft.

Container Based Biogas Plant

  • Organic fertilizer
  • Food waste by-product
  • Organic waste
  • Waste water bio-solids
  • Compact modular reactor structure, which is easy to scale up if needed and requires less surface area
  • Compared to conventional biogas process, container based biogas plant is cost efficient which produce water and biogas
  • Pre-treatment membrane based system available for water treatment from anaerobic digester which enriches ammonium and used for gardening, toilet flushing and car washing as well as feed into the crusher unit
  • High biogas yield compared to conventional biogas technologies
  • Wide raw material base suitable for any type of waste that are difficult to handle in conventional biogas process
  • Use of novel technology for treatment of water
  • Mesophillic process, 35°C for higher performance, higher gas output, better energy balance and improved hygienic quality of the digestate.

We are Expertise in Oraganic Waste Converter

We are also providing effective solution for treating and recycling biodegradable waste which converts into biogas or compost.